Chairman Message

Mr. Parveen Aggarwal

Mr. Parveen Aggarwal is a man of great valor who strongly believes in the power of perseverance and integrity to achieve his goals.

He is the Co-founder and former Vice Chairman of the Signature Global Group a leading affordable housing development company in North India with approximately 65 Lac sq. feet land under development approaching 9.5 k units to the market.

Signature Global has successfully completed approximately 10.5 lac sq. feet area offering close to 2k units from the planned development under the middle-income group (MIG) housing segment.

He is also the Chairman of Multiplex Group – A leading financial brokerage company and has an experience of over 25 years in the stock and commodities market.

Following the success of Signature Global and the Multiplex Group, He founded Signature Sattva Infratech Private Limited with the purpose of furthering the cause of infrastructure and affordable housing across the globe.

Combined with his strong drive for success is a firm belief in the power of spirituality and service. He guides the company forward with his calm and dynamic nature.


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